Ito Bindery Drawing Pad


Ito Bindery Drawing Pads contain 70 sheets of satin-smooth paper, mounted to a recycled cardboard base for stability and heft. Each block is then precision-cut with perfectly straight edges.

The stark contrast of the coal-black mount against the pure white paper, along with the geometric and modular proportions, give these pads an architectural quality when displayed as a set. The all-black version shows pencil marks in silver, and can also be used with soapstone pencil, colored gel pens, etc.

Based on the ISO 116 standard, each pad has a 1:√2 aspect ratio, allowing its sheets to be exactly half the area of the next larger size. Meticulously made by Ito Bindery, who has been binding books in Tokyo for many generations since 1938.

Maker Ito Bindery
Material Paper (and recycled paperboard
5.8 × 4.9 (A6), 8.25 × 6.6, (A5),
11.7 × 9 in. (A4)
14.8 × 12.5 (A6), 21 × 16.8 (A5),
29.7 × 23 cm (A4)
Origin Japan
Notes Each pad has 70 sheets

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