Pen Type-B


Pen Type-B is a high-quality everyday item that is engineered to last generations. Machined with high tolerances, the pen and the sleeve fit together perfectly. This creates a piston-like effect that allows the pen to fall inside slowly, and come out with a popping sound when quickly pulled. An internal magnet at the base of the sleeve holds the pen in place when writing, and keeps the tip securely covered in your pocket.

Both the body and the sleeve are machined out of solid titanium that is hard as steel, and light as aluminum; making it the ideal material for a writing instrument. The flat side of the sleeve allows the pen to rest on a flat surface without rolling.

Now available! Pen Type-B in Black Cerakote – an ultra-durable matte black ceramic-polymer coating.

Designer: Che-Wei Wang & Taylor Levy
Maker: CW&T
Material: Titanium with matte, polished, or black cerakote finish
Dimensions: ø1.1 × H13.6 cm | ø.43 × H5.35 in.
Origin: USA
Note: Can be refilled with Pilot Hi Tec-C cartridges that are available in 4 line widths and over 30 colors. To replace the ink cartridge, simply unscrew the back of the pen with a coin.

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