e15 ITO Tray


A family of versatile and decorative trays, designed by architect Philipp Mainzer for the German brand e15. Made of folded sheet metal with uniform gaps in adjoining corners, the ITO tray is a visual statement of reductionism in material and process. The two different size options are modularly designed so that the small rectangular tray can be nested inside the large square tray.

The color, material, and size variants make the ITO tray a stylish and practical daily accessory that can be used for a range of serving and storage needs.

Designer: Philipp Mainzer
Maker: e15
Material: Powder-coated aluminum (large) Hand-polished stainless steel, copper and brass (small)
31 × 31 × H2.7 cm (Lg) | 30 × 15 × H2.7 cm (Sm)
12.25 × 12.25 × H1.06 in. (Lg) | 11.81 × 59. × H1.06 in. (Sm)
Origin: Germany

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