Iris Hantverk Face Brush


​​These wire-drawn brushes are hand made by visually-impaired craftsman for Swedish brand Iris Hantverk. Each bristle bundle is held in place by a continuous wire that is “drawn” through the holes drilled into the brush handle. The result is a compact, versatile, and sturdily-constructed everyday brush.

The dry use brush removes dead skin cells, and gives the skin a new luster. Massage with circular motions for 5 minutes once or twice a week, avoiding the eye and mouth areas.* The wet use brush can be used with a cleansing lotion, to remove makeup and gently cleanse pores.

Maker: Iris Hantverk
​​Material: Oil-treated oak, goat hair (dry use), oak, horse hair (wet use),
​​Dimensions: 17.5 × 4.5 × H3 cm | 7 × 1.75 × H1.2 in.
​​Origin: Sweden

Notes: This product is not returnable for hygiene purposes.

*Do not use water with the dry-use brush, as it will damage the goat fibre.

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