Pen Type-B


Pen Type-B. It’s a pen engineered to stand the test of time. Titanium body and sleeve. Durable and dynamic, reassuringly robust. Rounded sleeve is smooth to touch and gentle on pockets, with a clever flat side so your pen won’t roll off surfaces. Precision machined for a perfect fit. Pen Type-B falls into the sleeve slowly and comes out with a pleasant ‘pop’. It’s a pen for architects, artists, writers and wanderers. It’s a pen for life.

Designer Che-Wei Wang & Taylor Levy
Maker CW&T
Material Titanium in matte, polished, or black cerakote finish
Dimensions ø1.1 × H13.6 cm | ø.43 × H5.35 in.
Origin USA

Note: Can be refilled with Pilot Hi Tec-C cartridges that are available in 4 line widths and over 30 colors. To replace the ink cartridge, simply unscrew the back of the pen with a coin.

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