THE Scissors


These unique scissors are a collaboration between designer Keita Suzuki and Japanese brand 'THE' whose mission is to create new archetypes of everyday objects. Unlike the straight blades of conventional scissors, the blades of THE Scissors utilize the Bernoulli Curve. This enables a consistent cutting angle of 30 degrees from the scissors' pivot point to its tip. The result is a sharper performance, and an effortless cutting experience.

THE Scissors come in a traditional paulownia wood box. Made by Japanese manufacturer Plus who recently won the Good Design Award for their innovative line of scissors.

Designer Keita Suzuki
Maker THE Co., Ltd. & Plus Stationery
Material Forged stainless steel
Dimensions 18 × 6 × H0.6 cm | 7.08 × 2.36 × H0.23 in.
Origin Japan
Notes Both-handed design

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