Indeco Spurtle


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A spurtle is a stirring utensil originally used in Scotland for porridge. Its cylindrical shape allows the ingredients to be mixed without the dragging effect of a spoon, preventing lumps that form during the process of cooking. It stirs everything from soup to polenta.

The Indeco Spurtle is designed and hand-crafted by Patrick & Mieke Senior-Loncin of Swan Point, Tasmania. Thanks to its minimal and ornament-free outline, either end can be used; for a quick mix vs. a precision stir.

Available in two sizes and two types of timbers: Tasmanian Celery-Top Pine, with its pale straw colour and fine straight grain, and Tasmanian Blackwood, for those who prefer a darker look.

Designer: Patrick and Mieke Senior-Loncin
Maker: Indeco
Material: Tasmanian Celery-Top Pine (light), Tasmanian Black wood (dark)
Dimensions: ø1 × 10.8 in. - ø2.5 × 27.5 cm (Regular) | ø1.2 × 13.7 in. - ø3 × 35 cm (Large)
Origin: Australia

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