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THE Plate

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A geometric family of white porcelain plates by Japanese brand 'THE', whose mission is to create products that can be considered as the epitome of an object.

Designed by Keita Suzuki, based on his research on common properties of standard dinnerware and cutlery sets. The diameter variations are derived from the international ISO 216 paper standard, with each “A” plate being one half the area of the next larger size. However, the rims of all the plates are the same height. This results in visual uniformity when stacked, as well as allowing food to be served smoothly from one plate to another.

THE Plates are manufactured by Maruhiro Inc, best known for its “Hasami” line of porcelain products. Each plate is individually packed in a labeled cardboard box, designed by Manabu Mizuno.

Designer: Keita Suzuki
Packaging Designer: Manabu Mizuno
Maker: The Co. Ltd. / Maruhiro Inc.
Material: Porcelain
Dimensions: A6 ø10.5 cm, A5 ø14.8 cm, A4 ø21 cm, B4 ø25.7 cm, A3 ø29.7 cm
Origin: Japan