Hario V60 Dripper

Hario V60 Dripper

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The ceramic V60 coffee dripper is the preferred pour over coffee tool for many professional baristas around the world. The perfectly symmetric conical form adds depth to the coffee layer, ensuring a consistent flow. Angled design and spiral grooves along the side walls result in the most optimal extraction.

Hario V60 is one of our favorite drippers. If you are researching how to make good coffee, look no further.

Designer / Maker: Hario
Material: Ceramic
Capacity: 1-2 cups (#1), 1-4 cups (#2)
Dimensions: ø9 × H8.5 cm (#1), ø11 × H9.5 cm (#2)
Origin: Japan
Notes: Comes with a measuring spoon and a complimentary pack of misarashi (natural) coffee filters.

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