Archiblocks Bauhaus


Archiblocks is a series of construction games designed to capture modularity, balance, and composition, with an intergenerational appeal. This unique Bauhaus edition is a tribute to the eponymous movement, inspired by its typographic and architectural influences, such as the Archive Building in Berlin by Walter Gropius.

The set contains 27 blocks, all machined from PEFC-certified lime-wood that is dried naturally to maintain its light color. Each piece is then hand-sanded, resulting in a smooth, tactile surface that is pleasant to touch.

Created by Cinqpoints, a French maker of architectural stationery and toys, whose mission is to spread contemporary architecture to a larger audience.

Designer Laurence Calafat
Maker Cinqpoints
Material PEFC-certified lime wood sourced from sustainably-managed forests
Dimensions 22 × 29 × H4 cm (box)
8.6 × 11.4 × H1.57 in. (box)
Origin France

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