White / 100 Whites by Kenya Hara


“White” is not a book about colors. It is rather an exploration of the essence of White by author Kenya Hara, who sees it as being closely related to the origin of Japanese aesthetics – symbolizing simplicity and subtlety. His follow up title "100 Whites" is a collection of essays depicting one hundred specific examples of white such as snow, rice, and wax. Using these examples the author discusses the importance of white – not only as a visual phenomenon but also as a state of mind.

Kenya Hara is an acclaimed graphic designer and curator, and has been the art director of Muji since 2001.

Author/Designer Kenya Hara
Publisher Lars Müller Publishers
Material Hardback 224 pages, 6 illustrations
Dimensions 13 × 18.7 cm | 5 × 7 ½ in.
Origin Switzerland

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