THE Lunch Box


THE Lunch Box is a compact container by the Japanese brand THE, whose mission is to create new archetypes of everyday objects. Made of anodized aluminum, sturdy and lightweight, it’s perfect for storing food due to its odorless, hygienic, and heat-conductive properties. The proportions of THE Lunch Box is based on the Japanese flag, making it possible to create a mini flag by placing a salted plum in the center of rice, “Hinomaru” bento style.

Designed by Keita Suzuki and manufactured at Akao Aluminum Co., who is known for making the blanks of the 1 Yen coin.

Designer Keita Suzuki
Packaging Manabu Mizuno
Maker The Co., Ltd. & AKAO Aluminum Co.
Material Anodized Aluminum
Dimensions 11.8 × 8 × H4.8 cm | 4.64 × 3.15 × H1.89 in.
Capacity 375 ml | 12.7 oz
Origin Japan

Note: Not microwave-safe. Hand wash only

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