Arita Houen Chopstick Rest


"Arita ware", the moniker for the exquisite white porcelain made in Arita, Japan, has a devoted following. In 2004, a collective of four makers and eight esteemed Japanese designers launched Arita Houen to bring Arita ware to a wider market. One of the results is these chopstick rests that draw upon long-established artisanship and design innovation.

The Kawakami Chopstick Rest, by prolific designer Motomi Kawakami, uses delicate porcelain to produce a striking, geometric piece of tableware.

The Hashimoto Chopstick Rest, by Japanese interior and product designer Yukio Hashimoto, plays on the concept of twisting. The porcelain rest is wide enough to be used by two people, making it the ideal dinner date accompaniment.

Designer Motomi Kawakami, Yukio Hashimoto
Maker Kihara
Material Porcelain
Dimensions 3.5 × 3.5 H1.1 cm | 1.37 × 1.37 × H.43 in.
9.3 × 2.3 H1.0cm | 3.6 × 0.9 H.39 in.
Origin Japan

Shown with Azmaya Pentagon Chopsticks

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