Azmaya Tea Canister


Created by Tokyo-based designer Osamu Saruyama, the Azmaya Tea Canisters (Chazutsu) are copper containers that can be used for tea leaves like a traditional tea caddy, as well as storing coffee, spices, and grains. The airtight construction and the fitted inner lid help protect the flavor and freshness of the contents.

Each canister is made of 100% copper and coated in a protective layer of wax that gradually wears away as the surface starts to develop a rich patina. Available in two sizes and two finishes.

Designer Osamu Saruyama
Maker Azmaya
Material Copper and tin-plated copper, with protective wax coating
Dimensions ø7.2 × H6 cm (S) 
ø7.7 × H9.2 cm (M) 
ø8.7 × H11.5 cm (L)
Origin Japan

Shown with the Azmaya Tea Scoop

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