Azmaya Tea Scoop


A chasaji (tea spoon) is a Japanese tea scoop used to measure and transfer tea leaves from the tea canister or tea caddy into a teapot. These Azmaya tea spoons are designed by Osamu Saruyama and made in Japan’s Niigata Prefecture. Available in two styles, each with unique characteristics: The pear-shaped scoop is a timeless classic with its precise curvature and proportions, while the beautifully minimal flat scoop is designed to sit flush at the bottom of a tea canister.

The Azmaya tea scoops are made of copper and plated in tin for its non-toxic, ductile and corrosion-resistant properties.

Designer Osamu Saruyama
Maker Azmaya
Material Copper core, tin-plated
Dimensions 9 × 4.4 × 1.3 cm (Pear)
7 × 3.5 × 0.5 cm (Flat)
Origin Japan

Shown with the Azmaya Tea Canister

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