S7 Music Box


With a turn of the oversized metal key, music starts radiating from inside a large orb made of solid wood. This playful wind-up music box is designed by Adam + Harborth of Siebensachen, and manufactured in a village bordering the Black Forest. The 18-note mechanism is mounted in blocks of solid oak, which is then turned to a perfect sphere and finished in open-pored semi-matte wax or lacquer.

Nocturne/Black: Plays Chopin’s Nocturne Op. 9 No. 2.
Golden Oak: Plays Mozart’s “That Sounds So Glorious” from Magic Flute.
Beech, Smoked Oak, Snowball/White: Plays Mozart’s “Voi Che Sapete” from Marriage of Figaro.

Designer Adam + Harborth
Maker Siebensachen
Material Solid beech or oak, brushed golden (waxed),
silk black, or snow white (lacquered)
Dimensions ø9.2 cm | ø3.6 in.
Origin Germany
Notes Ring-shaped metal cradle included

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