Quolo Incense Holder


Cast iron incense burners by Metaphys, a division of Hers Experimental Design Laboratory of Osaka, Japan. With its solid heft and geometric shape (cube or cylinder), Quolo is a striking tabletop item as well as a space-efficient ash catcher. Simply insert an incense stick vertically into the center hole, and the ashes will be collected in the concave top surface.

Quolo Incense Burner works with japanese-style and regular incense sticks.

Designer Metaphys
Maker Matsudayasu Ironworks
Material Cast Iron
5.5 × 5.5 × H5.5 cm | 2.15 × 2.15 × H2.15 in.
ø6.5 × H5.5 cm | ø2.5 × H2.15 in.
Origin Japan

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