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Taiyo (Sun) Trivet
Sale price$120.00
Matte Black Glass Pitcher
Sale price$135.00
Fujiyama Glass
Sale price$120.00
Azmaya Cheese Knife
Sale priceFrom $110.00
John Pawson Piatina Plate
Sale price$165.00
O Corkscrew
Sale price$55.00
The 9.47 Table Knife
Sale priceFrom $200.00
John Pawson Hemisphere Bowl
Sale priceFrom $850.00
Mogu-Kagu Coaster
Sale price$40.00
Hime Cocktail Forks (Set of 5)
Sale priceFrom $110.00
Sold out
Anna Karlin Decanter Anna Karlin Decanter brass stopper on the side
Anna Karlin Decanter
Sale price$220.00
THE Soy Sauce Cruet
Sale price$65.00
Carl Auböck Nutcracker
Sale priceFrom $400.00
Arita Houen Chopstick Rest
Sale price$18.00
Waku (Frame) Bottle Opener
Sale price$90.00
No.30 Saucer Candle Holder
Sale price$70.00
Bougies la Française Candles
Sale price$40.00

3 colors

Kubus Candle Holder
Sale price$110.00
Arita Houen Mug
Sale price$35.00
No.30 Mini Vase
Sale price$65.00
Kubus Candle Snuffer
Sale price$75.00
Ganbei Bottle Opener
Sale price$65.00

2 colors

Mogu-Kagu Creamer
Sale price$75.00
Skultuna Heart
Sale priceFrom $65.00

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